2017 Street Resurfacing Program

​The City of Beavercreek 2017 Street Resurfacing Program will resurface various streets within the City throughout 2017.  For questions about the program, please contact Nick Smith, P.E., Assistant City Engineer at Engineering Department (937) 427-5513.
The list of streets is not necessarily in the order of priority.  The base program is a total of 10.47 miles.

Resurfacing Program 2017 - Part 2

Barberry Blvd Glenview Drive Darst Road
Butterfly Drive Rhett Drive Stauffer Drive
Central Drive Dayton-Xenia Road Skyline Drive
Glenview Drive Darst Road Barberry Blvd
Longwood Drive Gardenview Drive Shadycrest Drive
Longview Drive Dayton-Xenia Road Knollwood Drive
Penrose Court West Terminus Wendover Drive
Rosehill Drive Wendover Drive Gardenview Drive
Silvercrest Terrace South Terminus Sierra Park Terrace
Silverdale Terrace Sunbeam Avenue Sierra Park Terrace
Tracy Drive Rhett Drive Stauffer Drive
Vayview Drive South Terminus North Terminus
Wendover Drive South Terminus North Terminus

The above list will be completed by the contractor for the Part 2 portion of the Resurfacing Program.  The list of streets is not necessarily in the order of priority.  The Part 2 Program is scheduled to be completed in the fall of 2017.  Part 2 is approximately 3.68 miles of roadway to be resurfaced.

The City will add or not perform the streets listed as alternate selections to the base program dependent on the amount of available funding left after the completion of the base program.  This list is not necessarily in order of priority.  The alternate street selection is a total of 9.17 miles.

UPDATE:  Alternate streets not selected for the Part 2 Resurfacing program will be reevaluated in 2018 for inclusion on the 2018 Resurfacing Base Program.  Please contact Engineering at (937) 427-5513 for more information